Rise Together Kingsport Sketch by Charlie Brouwer

Rise Together Kingsport

­­­­­­­concept sketch at Renaissance Center by Charlie Brouwer

Rise Together Kingsport

a project by the City of Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts, artist Charlie Brouwer and the Kingsport Community


  • everyone & every part of the community can participate in creating a temporary sculpture celebrating the combined hopes & dreams of Kingsport.
  • individuals, families, organizations, schools, churches, & businesses are invited to lend ladders (symbols of their hopes and dreams) to be joined together in a monumental sculpture towering in front of the Renaissance Center, spilling across its lawn to Center St.
  • the ladders can be real extension & step ladders, stepstools, or any form or size of ladder including handmade ladders from any material.
  • lenders can choose to be ordinary, creative, expressive with the ladders they lend.
  • each ladder will be registered, tagged to identify the lender, & they will be added to the “List of Ladder Lenders” that will appear on the project website & Facebook page & the list will be posted at the sculpture site.



Sept. 25 – Oct. 9, engaging community (soliciting, receiving, picking up ladders, giving talks in schools, meeting community groups, communicating to media, doing promotional events, etc.)

Oct. 10 – 13, building the sculpture (continuing to solicit, receive and pick-up ladders in the AM and working 2pm-7pm on building the sculpture).

Oct. 14, receiving ladders from 9AM until the last one is added at 2pm.

Nov. 13 – 17, taking down the sculpture and returning the ladders.


__________________________How You Can Help__________________________


  • Lend a ladder!
  • Tell your friends, club, church or community org. about it – think about parts of the community that should be included – help them get a ladder ready to lend.
  • Volunteer to help with the project (receiving & registering ladders, canvassing, picking up ladders for people who can’t transport them, assisting with handling ladders during building & take down…



More info at: www.risetogetherkingsport.org        Follow us on Facebook: @risetogetherkingsport

Questions, want to lend a ladder or volunteer to help? Call 423-392-8414

Communities truly rise when everyone rises together!