We are currently looking for volunteers to work at the Carousel, be ushers at musical and theatrical events, tour guides for the Sculpture Walk and to work in the Christmas Connection arts & crafts show & Carousel Fine Craft Show/Brass Ring Gala.

Kingsport Carousel Volunteer Positions:

  • Gift Shop Floater: Greet visitors and provide orientation and explanation. Help with Gift Shop sales. Customer Service, work in gift shop, other duties as needed.
  • Maintenance: Keeping the facility spic and span.
  • Token Machine Change: In this position the volunteer assists guests with the token machine and change as needed.
  • Exit Gate: As exit gate volunteer you standing at the gate that riders use to exit the carousel, opening it and making sure that no one enters the carousel without going through the turnstile. This position can also help guide riders to the token machine or where to enter the carousel.
  • Cashier: The cashier at the carousel is one of the first people the public sees. It is our pleasure to have a smile on our face, welcome visitors to the Carousel and direct them to token machine. As a cashier you operate the cash register ringing up items the customers want to purchase. The cashier also exchanges dollar bills for quarters that will be used in the Penny Smasher. When a gest with a membership comes in to ride we give them tokens for their rides. We are customer service.
  • Operator: We recruit operators from within our volunteers. Operators must be certified.

To become a volunteer, please call: (423) 392-8418 or CarouselVolunteers@kingsporttn.gov

Musical/Theatrical Event Volunteer Positions:

  • None currently available

Sculpture Walk Volunteer Positions:

  • None currently available

Christmas Connection Volunteer Positions:

  • None currently available

If you are interested in any volunteer positions, please call The Office Of Cultural Arts (423) 392-8414 or complete a volunteer form here